Programming and AI: A Guide for Parents

  • You can build a personal digital assistant like Alexa who can answer questions and play music for you.
  • You can detect objects in images. Self driving cars use this to help navigate.
  • You can detect fraud. Financial companies use this to detect whether a credit card has been stolen.
  • Coding can be used to process the data, clean it, transform it, or generate new data to learn from. For example, if you have three tables of data that need to be merged to one table before the AI can learn, you will write a program to do that.
  • Coding is frequently used to build applications that use the AI. For example, if you have an AI that can predict the weather, you may use coding to build a website for weather prediction.
  • If you learn how to build a mobile application, you can build a smart mobile app by integrating AI.
  • If you want to build a smart web application, you will want to learn some HTML.
  • If you want to build simple AI applications, even a language like Scratch is enough.
  • You can also learn other technologies like Arduino, and build hardware projects with your AI.



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Nisha Talagala

Nisha Talagala

I am a software engineer by training and an expert in artificial intelligence. I am also a mom! I teach coding and tech to kids from grades 4-12.