Why Project Based AI Learning? A Guide for Parents

  • Projects are a great way to not just learn AI but develop a lifelong passion for solving problems with technology. Many of our students have gone forward to build additional AI projects, use AI for STEM projects in their schools, use AI for community projects, and to compete and win in AI competitions.
  • Students bring amazing creativity to projects! Most of our student projects are their own ideas, where they have come up with new and innovative ways to apply AI.
  • As students define their project, they learn a lot about how to apply AI to problems, when to use AI, and when not to. As they gather data for their project, they learn how to respect privacy and data ownership, how to distinguish between good data and bad, and how to apply AI ethically and fairly.
  • Anyone can build their first AI in 10 minutes or less, without doing any programming or applying any math. In 10 minutes, they can have a working AI that they can directly ask any question they like and get an answer.
  • The AIs can then be tuned as much or as little as the user wants. The user can then learn progressively, one step at a time, and see their AI improving as they apply more advanced concepts. They can also build fancier AIs and applications as their programming and math knowledge increases.
The Lifecycle of a Typical Artificial Intelligence Solution



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Nisha Talagala

Nisha Talagala

I am a software engineer by training and an expert in artificial intelligence. I am also a mom! I teach coding and tech to kids from grades 4-12.